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Asbestos are agroup of silicate minerals that can be readily seperated into thin, strong fibers that are flexible, heat resistant, and chemically inert. fibers are, howerver, dangerous when breathed, so users must protect against fibers bacoming airborne. 

Location: Niger and Katsina states

Uses: asbestos minerals are used in fire proof fabrics, yarn, cloth, paper and pain filler. friction products, asbestos cement, pipes and sheets, coating and compounds, packing and gaskets, proofing and flooring products, paints and caulking, chemical filters, etc.


Cement building materials, pipework lagging, insulating mattresses and rope, fire resistant insulation boards, sprayed fire-proofing products, floor tiles and coverings, water and sewage pipes, gas masks, friction materials for vehicle brakes and clutches, lifts and machinery. Boilers and pipework were lagged with asbestos products in hospitals, power stations and throughout heavy industry. Asbestos insulation products were popular in the shipbuilding and railway industries and in the dockyards etc. 

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