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Industrial studies report on food, beverages and tobacco sector (6th update) 2009

Author : Adama, J.C.,Akubuo, C.O.,Saleh, A.,Uchegbu, K.,Nwanya, A.

This is an industrial report on food and beverages  

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he situation in the Food, Beverages and Tobacco Sector is very
dynamic. The period between the last update of the TechnoEconomic
Survey of industries in the country and this one has
recorded several changes in the macro-economic system. These changes
which are due to several factors such as improvement in tastes, increase
in population, and changes in government policies are inevitable and
have affected the Food, Beverages and Tobacco Sector in a number of
ways namely: cost of financing operation, efficiency of equipment, cost of
infrastructure, among others. Hence, the need for periodic TechnoEconomic
Surveys to identify these problems and proffer possible

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