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Mapping of Shea value chain in Nigeria

Author : PROF. H.D IBRAHIM,Jolaoso, m.a.,Kemjika, B.A.

Mapping of Shea value chain in Nigeria is a product of joint research study carried out by the authors with funding support from the Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC). The study was completed under the overall supervision of Professor Azikiwe Peter Onwualu, the then Director General and CEO of RMRDC. 

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The book is a product of a research study that focused on the mapping of Shea value chain in Nigeria. The major objective of mapping the Shea value chain was to provide information to a diverse group of stakeholders' involved in the value chain in order to enhance investment decisions and plan for interventions that will better focus on developing productive and globally competitive industry that is dependent on sustainable management of scarce natural resources that impact positively to the local people.

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