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Unlocking nigeria's potentials through science, technology and innovation

Author : Onwualu, A.P,Kemjika, B.A.


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The Nigerian nation is at a cross road of tackling the myriads of
challenges confronting her, especially, on the issue of poverty,
disease, food security and threat to security of life and property, unemployment and limited growth. Therefore, the need to unlock Nigeria's potentials to address these challenges is unequivocal. It is in recognition of this need that the writing of this book which calls for "Unlocking Nigeria's Potentials through Science, Technology and Innovation" is timely and could not have come at a better time than now. Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) are widely seen as dominant factors behind rapid economic and industrial growth as countries with high growth rates use technological means to export a strong mix of value-added goods and services. Globally, newly industrialised countries have had to master the use of imported and indigenous technology in order to achieve economic development and set their economies at par with the developed countries

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