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Technical brief on mineral raw materials in Nigeria lead/zinc

Author : Onwualu, A.P

This is a technical brief on lead-zinc 

Category: Technical Briefs.

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Lead/Zinc are closely associated and commonly occur together in nature as Galena (PbS) and Sphalerite (ZnS) which are the principal ore of lead and zinc respectively. Other known ores of lead (Pb) are Cerassite (PbC03) and Anglesite (PbS04), while those of Zinc (Zn) include Willenite (Zn2Si04) Smithsonite (ZnC03) and Henimorphite (ZnSi02)(OH)2(H20). Galena and Sphalerite are sulphide minerals often concentrated to form economic accumulations of desired metals, of lead and zinc.

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