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Survey report of ten selected agro raw materials in nigeria castor (maiden edition)

Author : Onwualu, A.P

The purpose of the project was to provide comprehensive information in the areas of production, processing, marketing and research and development amongst others, in order to encourage prospective investors to venture into production and processing ofthese commodities. 

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The Castor bean plant (Ricinus cummunis) belongs to the family
Euphorbiaceae, the spurge family. It is a short-lived perennial, which grows into a tree of eight to ten meters in height. There are annual dwarftypesofO.6m-1.2m in height. The leaves are large, usually 2 cm - Scmwide or wider, alternate and palmately divided into S- 10 lobes. The leaves of different varieties may be green, purple or red. (Plate 1)The stems may also be green or red. The greenish-yellow flowers, without petals are borne in racemes. The plant has an indeterminate blooming habbit. 

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